On the 31st October 2023, after two years of work and collaboration, the XR_Skills project (2021-1-SE01-KA220-VET-000030106) ended.  

The consortium is composed by technicians, psychologists and experts in the development of learning and training material for adults. This heterogeneous team has worked on a desk research and analysis for the creation of learning materials related to the concept of Virtual Reality and Psychology, which contents have been introduced into an open e-learning platform 

Besides, partners have created a VR Game, as an example on how VR technologies can be an useful tool to be used in the psychological area, helping users to manage stress or regulating emotions. The XR_Skills materials have been tested in all consortium countries (Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Greece and France) with the target group and stakeholders, receiving value feedback that allowed to reach the best possible results.  

The XR_Skill Game and all the outcomes are available in the project website as free and open resources following this link: https://xrskill.infoproject.eu/ 

Thanks to this project, partners believe to have accomplished an important main goal: to foster teachers and educators soft skills through an improvement of University curriculum for undergraduates and post-graduates psychologists soft skills in the use of Virtual Reality for training and education, helping the target group to take real advantage of the knowledge acquired and being able to manage technology and transfer it in other contexts. 

Check all the progress of the project following its social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram.